Ok, we are joking about some of these. However, it really is just good that people are out and about moving their butts. You should always workout every day if it is one of these funny exercises, but it doesn’t have to be silly either.

Chinese Face Exercises

I am pretty sure this one is a joke. They are amazing actors if so. Is it just me or are they flipping us the bird the whole time?

From Russia With Love

We joke, but seriously, I am glad to see when people are exercising at all. Especially if they need it. This Russian guy has no issues with his body whatsoever, and I applaud him for that. Maybe, for the sake of others though, he could consider a different wardrobe.

Brazilian Booty

I actually didn’t know that the Brazilian Booty wasn’t an inherited trait. This is a great workout routine for anyone around the world who would love that drink-holder physique.

Canada/USA One Man Tug Of War

Not many people know this, but this is actually how the US/Canadian border was established in the first place…

Africa Dance Fitness

I am all for sexy dancing fitness routines. Anything seems more intriguing than the rigidness that we often see at the gym.

Bonus Funny Exercises

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