When you’re an active person, even the smallest injury can have serious effects on your health and morale. For example, let’s say you started a weight loss journey, had some good results but after 2 or 3 months you injured yourself and can’t continue exercising to lose weight like before. The following 6 Steps to overcome a fitness injury should help you get back on track and not get too disheartened due to your inactivity period.

How does a fitness injury affects us?

There are many ways a injury can affect us and they shouldn’t be treated like unimportant events in our lives. Not being able to exercise can influence people in different amounts. Some will see this as a deserved break, others will try to find alternatives and, sadly, others will give up.

When talking about fitness injuries we have to take into consideration the psychological, emotional and physical effects. Even a simple injury occurring in a bad time can have devastating effects, especially for athletes and active people. Injuring yourself can lead to:

  • Isolation – if you’re a part from a group of active people (sports team, running community, etc.) you’ll feel isolated because you can’t take part in the fitness activities others are doing. This will make you feel disconnected for your main goal and can lead to envy for healthy people.
  • Depression. If we were to analyse active people, we’d see that exercising is one of the biggest sources of happiness they have. Having to stay away from this can lead to depression since you’re not getting the same amount of happiness.
  • Fear of re-injury. Let’s say you’re successfully healed after a big injured, can you perform at the highest standards once again? Some people can but others are scared of re-injuring themselves thus their performance is lower and they become less active.

overcome a fitness injury

6 Steps To Overcome A Fitness Injury

If you had the bad luck of injuring yourself while working out or due to some regular activity, you shouldn’t despair but try to find ways to cope with this inactivity period. We’re going to help you by offering 6 steps to overcome a fitness injury and getting  back on track.

1) Prevention.

We know this isn’t actually a step you’ll be taking to overcome an injury but we had to mention it since prevention will help you avoid any injury in the first place. Injuries can occur because of training errors (doing more than you can), technique errors (improper technique when working out or unfortunate events.

To avoid getting injured you should pay attention to the following advice and add it to your fitness checklist:

  • Always use proper fitness equipment for the activity.
  • Better organize your fitness activities for the whole week, not only 2 days.
  • Start slow and gradually increase the activity level.
  • Mix your routine (include low-impact activities to your workout routine).

2) Search for care and treatment.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when suffering an injury is to self-assess the damage and not getting it checked out. For example, if someone would feel back pain every time he lifts weights and not see a specialist about it, that pain can turn into a serious injury. Seeking care and treatment after a fitness injury, no matter how small is always the first thing to do.

3) Accept your current situation.

Like we said earlier, there emotional and psychological aspects to take into consideration after suffering a fitness injury. If you find yourself in this situation, try to accept it as it is and get support from family, friends or colleagues.

4) Make small changes to your diet.

If you’re an active person who watches their weight, you’ll probably eat a lot of protein but being injured forces you to make dietary changes. Seeing how you can’t be as active as before your fitness injury, you should try to get your energy from green vegetables, smoothies etc. You can even try to cook something different since it will boost your morale.

5) Try to stay active.

Depending on your injury, you should search for other ways to stay active. Sitting on the couch all day, eating snacks won’t help you heal any faster and you’ll probably add some extra weight. If your injury isn’t serious but isn’t allowing you to perform your regular fitness activities, try something else. For example, if you injured your hand and can’t lift weights, switch to moderate cardio.

6) Make a plan and stick to it.

If you want to overcome a fitness injury, you should have a plan to do so. Adding the previous steps to it should really help but there’s more you can do. When you consult with a specialist, ask him for ways to recover faster including alternative fitness exercises, diet changes and lifestyle options.

The most important part of this plan is to stick to it. Have the same determination to overcome your fitness injury and get back on the horse.

Next time, try to be more careful so you don’t get injured again. Use proper fitness gear and technique and you should be ok.