6 Ways to Pump Up Your Morning Motivation to Workout

Getting up early along with having the motivation to workout seems daunting. I know that I have a love/hate relationship with my mornings. Always contemplating to hit snooze and skip my morning workout. There have been a number of times that I lacked the motivation to exercise in the morning and fell victim to rolling…

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Prevent Knee Injury with these Top Exercises and Stretches

Knee injuries can be quite serious and may limit your body movement, strength and flexibility in your daily routine and fitness activities. There are many common ways to injure your knee, and more often than not it is caused by hyper extension. In a minor case you may notice you are less stable in the…

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furious fitwear

Tips for Working Out in the Summer Heat

Summer is officially here and it is the perfect time to take your workout outdoors. It is one of my favorite times of year, I love enjoying the outdoors and optimizing my time in the sun when I can. Here are some summer time tips to beat the heat when you are outdoors.    …

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Running Belt

The Running Belt

Many people enjoy outside fitness, yoga classes or personal meditation in the park, on the beach or some other location away from home. However, one of the common problems is where to store keys, mobile phone, wallet and other personal items during these sessions. This is where Furious Fitwear is coming to the rescue! Furious…

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Furious Fitwear: Product Test Fails

We’ve all done it; we’ve seen that “amazing” new product on TV or the Internet and gone, “OMG I NEED THAT!” But what happens when a product ISN’T all it claims to be? Watch the video below and find out! Episode 1- The “Lay Bag” Fail !Buyers Beware! Avoid This Mistake When Purchasing New Products!!…

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