There are many varieties of Door Gyms, We took the time to do a detailed review of two version’s. The smaller version which we will be discussing in this article and a larger version that you can find out more about by clicking here.  We have evaluated all aspects of the Smaller Door gym so you can make an informed decision on which Door gym would be the best option for you.


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Door Gym Review: How to assemble the Smaller style of door gym exercise bar

In This video we will go through the process of assembling the smaller door gym. This process was quit simple, the instructions included with the door gym were easy to understand and had great visuals.

Quality assessment of the parts of the door gym exercise bar
This door gym is of great quality. The materials are durable and are less likely to cause any damage to your door frame then the larger door gym. This was one of the major differences between the two; the larger door gym is made of much harder rubber that may leave marks or indents in your door frame. If you plan on not removing the door gym from your door frame and therefore are not concerned with marks being left the larger door gym may be for you.
The door gym can also be used for various floor exercises
There are a few different Floor exercises that can be done with the Door gym
  • Sit ups
  • Push- ups
  • Tricep dips

Both styles of door gyms have this feature, the larger door gym has more handles which allows more floor exercise varieties. The smaller door gym was very supportive while attempting these exercises, and made it simple to accomplish them.


Is this style of door gym right for you?

Watch the video below to find out the many pros and cons of this style door gym. Decide for yourself if you would prefer more handles or the ease of assembly and use. Both styles seem to hold an ample weight for most users. Typically any door gym will be strong enough to handle as much or more the the door frame it is accompanied with.

Join Desiree and Dustin as they discuss and determine their personal choice of door gym style

After much deliberation both Desiree and Dustin preferred the smaller style door gym. Watch this video to hear exactly why they came to this final decision.


It was unanimous in this round. Both Desiree and Dustin decided that due to overall structural support being very similar, they preferred the exercise bar that was smaller and easier to manage. They both thought that it was also less likely to cause any damage to your door frame from usage.