There are many different features of chin up bars, and there are right choices of purchase for everyone. In the following videos, we have assessed all the elements of the larger style door gym chin-up bar, so you can make an informed decision on which to buy.

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Door Gym Review: How to assemble the larger style of door gym exercise bar

In this video we show you exactly how difficult it can be to actually assemble the larger door gym exercise bar. This one takes a bit longer than the other

Quality assessment of the parts of the door gym exercise bar

There are small, yet important differences between the materials used to create the bars on the door gym. The handles Can be made of a softer foam. One of the key differences in this style of exercise gym, if that the part that touches your door frame is a much harder rubber than the other door gym. Depending on what type of door frame you have, you may want to be careful as this kind could leave marks. If you are concerned about this, you should take a look at the smaller style door gym pull up bar.

The door gym can also be used for various floor exercises

There are several floor exercises that can be done with the door gym.

  • sit-ups
  • dips
  • push-ups

Both styles of door gym will allow these features, though this larger on will have a few different options of handles to use. Both will include a narrower and wider option.

Is this style of door gym right for you?

There are many pros and cons of this door gym style. Watch the video below to decide for yourself if you would prefer more handles but sacrifice the ease of assembly. Both styles seem to hold an ample weight for most users. Typically any door gym will be string enough to handle as much or more than the door frame it is accompanied with

Join Desiree and Dustin as they discuss and determine their personal choice of door gym style

After much deliberation both Desiree and Dustin preferred the smaller style door gym. Watch this video to hear exactly why they came to this final decision.


It was unanimous in this round. Both Desiree and Dustin decided that due to overall structural support being very similar, they preferred the exercise bar that was smaller and easier to manage. They both thought that it was also less likely to cause any damage to your door frame from usage.