We all know how difficult it can be to find time to exercise every day. This is why we have created Fit 2 Go.

Fit 2 Go is a series of easy home fitness routines that fit perfectly into your daily activities. By subscribing to our Youtube Channel you can join in and follow along to these handy home exercise routines.

Episode 2 – During the TV Commercial Break

Our second episode is all about exercising while those pesky TV commercials take over the airwaves.

After a long day of work, we all generally struggle with that battle in our heads; should we or shouldn’t we go to the gym! We know we should, but chances are grocery store runs, dinner, taking the kids to other lessons or simply wanting to relax in front of the TV trumps all.

Well if you’re like me and choose the TV more than the gym, this video is perfect for you! As soon as my show breaks for the commercials, I like to take this opportunity to get a quick, yet effective, workout in.

Home Fitness Routines are just that easy

Often there is no reason to pack a bag, take a half hour to drive to the gym, get changed, only then to begin your exercise.

This much effort can be daunting. And it isn’t even the exercise that is the worst part. It is the effort it takes just to begin. Then have a shower, and change, and drive home…

Save money and time by exercising at home

You are already surrounded by all the equipment you will need….body weight, chairs, couch, floor…so why not save time and money by utilizing it!

Hop on board the Fit 2 Go challenge!

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