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Episode 4 – The Running Belt: Park Bench Workout

Our fourth episode is all about the Furious Fitwear Running Belt and how to use it while you exercise outdoors using a park bench. This park bench exercise is one of the simplest things you can do to get healthier, stronger (not bulkier), faster!

To Start: Let’s talk about strength training!

Strength training has a negative connotation behind it, in that some feel it will lead to quads and arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s in his body building days. Well I’m sorry to tell you that that is not the case! There are however, way too many benefits for you to not do it!

By incorporating strength training into your fitness goals, you will boost your metabolism, increase bone density, improve your sleep habits and even help your body prevent and manage a number of diseases. Not to mention your arms and legs will look amazing!

…But I don’t have the time or a membership to a gym to strength train…

Well great news for you! Turns out you don’t need either to strength train. In fact, all you need is your body weight and our QUICK full-body workout…one that you can do simply with just a park bench!

So head to your nearest school or park and start working on that summer bod. This workout is quick, easy, and free — the ultimate buzz kill for all of those “I can’t strength train” excuses.

On The Go Fitness Routines can be so easy, yet SO effective!

Hop on board the Fit 2 Go challenge and see for yourself!

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