Halloween is an amazing time of the year for both adults and kids. Sadly, good things don’t come easy so many of us have a difficult time during this holiday. People tend to overeat and put extra weight on which lasts more since the winter is just around the corner and the level of exercise is minimal. If you find yourself overeating during this time of the year, why don’t you try some healthy Halloween treats for you and the kids instead?

How bad is to eat too much candy on Halloween?

Candy sales go crazy in this time of the year and so is candy consumption. When eating candy, you have to pay attention to the calories, sugar and fat levels of the product. Many people don’t realize that even one pack of M&M’s could be more than they should eat in a day. Now, adding a spoon of sugar to your morning coffee won’t do much damage but overeating candy on Halloween will. If you find yourself eating lots of candy you may suffer from the following:

  • Cavities – your dental health is in peril if you eat too much sugar. Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria that line the teeth feed on simple sugars creating acid that destroys enamel.
  • Unstoppable hunger – overconsumption of fructose can directly lead to leptin resistance. Leptin is that substance that regulates hunger, basically healthy levels of leptin help your body stop when you eat enough.
  • Weight gain – candy is full of calories but don’t satiate your hunger. You end up eating more candy or other foods just to feel full.
  • Insulin resistance – eating too much candy and sugary meals will increase your body’s need for insulin (hormone that enables your body to convert food into energy). If the insulin levels are always high, your body’s sensitivity to the hormone is reduced and glucose ends up in blood, leading to serious problems.

Eating too much candy can also lead to severe health issues and diseases such as: diabetes, obesity, liver failure, pancreatic cancer, kidney, disease, high blood pressure and more.

Wonder how much candy is “too much” for Halloween? Well take a look at the following optimal numbers and see for yourself. Here are the weight and calories for some of the most loved candies you can snack on and not feel guilty:

  • Almond Joy (snack-size bar – 17 g) – 80 calories.
  • Baby Ruth (fun-size bar – 18 g) – 83 calories
  • Kit Kat (miniature bar – 10 g) – 42 calories
  • Milky Way (fun-size bar – 17 g) – 80 calories
  • Twix (fun-size bar – 16 g) – 80 calories

Healthy Halloween Treats For You And The Kids

Most people love to eat candy and to see kids having fun in their costumes. The hand out candy to kids but is that really healthy? Even if you give them just snack-size bars, they’ll end up eating a lot of candy they gathered on Halloween.

Don’t worry, there are some healthy alternatives you can choose to offer to kids or to snack yourself.

Honey sticks

Depending on where you live, you can get the honey sticks at the local market. This way you’re not giving kids commercial chocolate and help the local businesses to make a profit. You hand out honey sticks which are healthy and also enjoyed by kids since they are sweet.

Candy apples

Combining the joy of getting Halloween treats with a healthy snack like an apple seems like the right thing to do. They’re easy to make and end up being delicious. You should make candy apples if you know you’re going to be visited by relatives or your neighborhood kids who know you. They will appreciate it more than strangers who just want some candy.

Juice boxes

If you’re lucky enough to have a local producer of healthy juice, buy some juice boxes and offer them instead of candy. They’re sweet but don’t contain as much sugar as candy. Just as a note, we’re not telling you to offer them sugary drinks such as coca-cola. You can even decorate the juice boxes by drawing ghosts or anything spooky.

Spooky clementines

The great thing about clementines is that they’re small sized and you can give 2 or even 3 to a single kid. They’re a healthy snack, easy to store and fast to eat. It’s a great opportunity for the kids to snack on something healthy and get an extra boost of energy while going from house to house. To make them spooky, use a marker to draw something spooky faces on clementines.

Trail Mix

You can make your own trail mixes as healthy Halloween treats or you can buy them from the store. Most of them have small pieces of chocolate that kids will enjoy and not overeat it. You can add raisins, dry fruit, nuts and mix them into small packages you hand out to kids in costumes.

Dried Fruit

If you don’t have a tradition of making dried fruit, you can easily get it at the store. Just remember to get something that doesn’t have added sugar or preservatives. There are a lot of options here such as banana chips, raisins, dried apricots, mangoes or even cranberries. All of these are great and healthy Halloween treats you can give kids without feeling guilty.