Newsflash: rain shouldn’t cancel your running schedule. When it comes to running on rainy days, a lot of people hate it but some of them take advantage of the cooler atmosphere and continue with their workouts. Of course it’s more enjoyable to run while it’s raining during the summer, it helps you cool off and it may enhance your workout.

Running on rainy days when the weather is colder shouldn’t be any less enjoyable. Well, you’re going to feel some discomfort but if you read on and apply our tips and tricks, you’ll still be able to run on rainy days and still have fun.

There are three main aspects you should be aware off when running under rain.

Do your research

First things first, you should always prepare for your running session. You’ll take a look outside and think it’s not going to rain but weather changes rapidly and it can end your running session before you get a workout done. Here’s what you should do.

Even if you’re not a professional runner, you’ll still want to do your research. The least you could do is to check online for weather conditions in your area. Don’t forget to also look at the weather radar and see what’s happening in your vicinity as strong winds can bring a storm in less than one hour. If you’re a professional runner and you’re setting up your running schedule for the week, go ahead and see the weather prognosis for the next week or so.

After you checked the weather, go ahead and look up the area you’re going to run. You can do this a few days in advance and set up a route you feel comfortable with. If you don’t have time, do a quick check-up with the help of online maps. We would recommend to run a route you’ve ran before so you can be aware of the environment.

Note that in raining conditions, you’ll have to watch out for “inoffensive puddles” that can actually be deep holes and for traffic around you since there’s a lot more noise around you.

Prepare for you run

Second, you should prepare yourself for the workout. If you plan to go for an easy run, you won’t have any problems if you go on an empty stomach but if you have something else planned, it’s wise to have a good meal before your run.

We’re not saying you should eat a lot, no. We’re recommending to have a small snack or meal before your run so you’ll keep your energy levels at acceptable levels. You can choose to eat a medium banana and 1 tablespoon of nut butter. The potassium will keep you hydrated and the nut butter is packed with healthy fats and carbs. Don’t forget to eat this one hour before your run and you’re ready to go.

Another important aspect of raining on rainy and colder days, is to get your gear in order. When the weather is cold, you’ll want to dress in layers but not overdress. The first layer (next to your skin) is the most important. If you can, choose a good fabric to wick away the water and sweat from your body. On top of that wear a wind and water resistant jacket that doesn’t trap moisture and heat.

If the weather is really cold, choose some running gloves for rainy days. They should be warm, comfortable and lightweight. Your feet should also be protected. Get some socks that also wick the moisture away and choose some good running shoes.

Don’t forget to protect your valuables! It’s easy to drop and lose your phone on a rainy day. Also, don’t put them in your pockets, your clothing is probably going to get wet and heavy. Adding extra weight won’t help your run and your valuables will move all over.

You can still run on rainy days and have fun if you choose to wear a fitness belt. Be sure to get a professional belt (made for running) that’s easy and prevents chafing. You should have room for your phone, headphones and a place to safely store your money and keys.

When choosing what to wear, don’t forget to get bright colors so people can spot you easily. Vision is greatly reduced for drivers on rainy days.


Run on rainy days and have fun

Now that you’ve done your research and prepared for your run, there shouldn’t be anything else to stop you. When running on rainy days you should always be aware of the surroundings. Here’s what we recommend for people who run in rainy & colder weather:

  • If you’re running on a sidewalk, don’t run on the portion next to the street. You can slip and fall or a car can splash you with water and you may get hurt.
  • Avoid stepping in puddles. Most of them are inoffensive but some of them could be really deep! You can seriously hurt yourself if you’re not paying attention.
  • Listening to music? Turn the volume down so you can still hear what’s happening around you.
  • Keep your phone charged so you can call for help at any moment.

If you take some time to prepare there’s no reason you can’t have fun if you want to run on rainy days. Just apply the above advice and you’ll be all set for your workout.