Some people see the cold and rain but we choose to see the comfortable temperatures and great landscapes. Yup, we’re talking about Autumn, the amazingly beautiful season when you’re free to work out and have fun at the same time. We’re not saying you can’t have fun workouts in other seasons but Autumn has that je ne sais quoi. We love staying healthy and having fun. If you feel the same stay, read the following because you’ll find out how to work out and have fun this Autumn.

5 Reasons for YOU to work out this Autumn

As we said before, working out can be done any other day but autumn has some specific advantages you’ll want to take into consideration. Of course, the main reason behind working out is to stay healthy and take care of your body. But nobody said you couldn’t have fun while exercising, right?

Here’s why Autumn is one of the best times to work out:

  1. The temperature is cooler. We know not all fall days are warm but that’s another reason to work out. You can avoid the summer heat and do some fun activities alone or with your family and friends.
  2. The landscapes are amazing. We just love the Autumn colors, don’t you? If you like moderate exercises, nature welcomes you with her arms wide open. There are plenty moderate fun and calorie-burning exercises you can do in nature.
  3. Your schedule is not that busy. You don’t have to go in vacation, you have all the time in the world. The kids go to school and your friends are also available. Group activities, anyone?
  4. There are less people on the streets. If you love going for a run, you can do it without being bothered or stepping on someone’s feet.
  5. There are also less people at the gym. Autumn is not the most crowded season for gyms. People work out after they New Year Resolutions or during the spring. You may get some good offers from your local gym, then you’ll have more money to spend on other fun activities.

When working out this fall, you can easily have fun and burn some calories. The secret is to choose only fun activities to make the exercises feel more enjoyable. We did our research and came up with a big list of fun activities you can try this Autumn.

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7 Fun Autumn Activities For Calorie-Burning Happy Times

  1. Go outside and play ball. Any sport works, it doesn’t have to be football, you can give soccer or tennis a try. Don’t forget to bring your family or friends to have fun as a group.
  2. Backyard chores. Did we say chores? We meant amazing upper-body workouts! Raking leaves is a great way to work out your upper body. Changing the direction will help you work your shoulders and arms.
  3. Go for a hike. This is a really fun activity you can do with or without your friends. Going up the hike trail will make your body work harder since it faces uneven terrain and inclines, challenging your balance.
  4. Run like you mean it. There are plenty Autumn marathons, half-marathons or other running competitions. You’re not a fan of competing? Go to your closest park or preferred area and run at your own pace.
  5. Garden work. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or some family who does, go for it! Pick pumpkins or do any other activities. It will help you bond with the person next to you and also give you a good work out.
  6. Sign up for dance classes. You’re not interested in the weather outside? No problem! There are several fun activities you can choose from. Want to learn to tango or do the cha-cha? Maybe this is the right time.
  7. Go for a swim. Depending on where you live, you can go for a swim outside or use an inside pool. Swimming is a low-impact work out also easy on the joints. It will do wonders for your cardio and upper body.

Don’t forget to reward yourself after a job well-done. Autumn is the time to rejuvenate your body and mind so if you can, get a massage after you hike or go for a run. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just ask your spouse to do it.

Also, don’t be afraid of the dark. Just because it’s dark outside at 6 PM, it doesn’t mean you can’t still go for a swim at the indoor pool or at your dance class. Try to fight your body clock and the seasonal “hibernation”.

The last great tip we’re going to give you so your work outs are more fun, is to dress accordingly to those activities. When you go for a run or any outdoor activity this autumn, you should think about getting a fitness belt to store your valuables (phone, keys, headphones, small battery, money, etc.).