Getting up early along with having the motivation to workout seems daunting. I know that I have a love/hate relationship with my mornings. Always contemplating to hit snooze and skip my morning workout. There have been a number of times that I lacked the motivation to exercise in the morning and fell victim to rolling over and hitting that snooze button. Now I eagerly look forward to my morning routine. I have devised some hand tricks that have made my mornings motivational. I would love to share my top morning tips and tricks help you get in the fitness zone first thing in the morning.

Prepare the night before

Before you flick the lights out and hit the sheets prepare your workout bag, water bottle and shoes so you can seamlessly grab everything and go. The less you have to collect, gather and think about in the morning the better. Ideally it should take you only 5 – 10 minutes to get ready

Visualize waking up with a smile

In your minds eye, envision your alarm going off… extending your arms high above your head for a nice morning stretch and feel the energy bolt through your body as your cheeks ignite into a smile. This will positively influence your morning to come and you will jump out of bed with energy!

Hold yourself accountable

If you have a yoga or gym membership that offer morning classes, sign up and reserve your spot. This will hold you accountable to make the class, and you will less likely let the workout slide through the blinders. Better yet, grab a workout buddy! You can feed off each others energy to motivate one another in the early mornings.

Turn it up with some tunes

Music has such a powerful vibrational effect on the mood and can uplift and energize the body. Prepare a special playlist with an upbeat tempo that can match your workout.

Grab some fuel to go

Something simple like a banana or a few bites of a protein bar and a glass of water. This will help to get your metabolism working. When you complete your workout reward yourself with some hot coffee and some healthy breakfast, like some oatmeal or a Greens Superfood Smoothie.

Take it outdoors

When it is nice out, plan your exercise outside. Go for a jog through the park or even bike to work. The fresh air revitalizes your system as the amount of oxygen you breathe affects the amount of serotonin. Serotonin promotes a feeling of happiness and well-being leaving you refreshed and joyous.

Those tricks get me jumping out of bed in the morning! Of course there are plenty other methods to get you motivated in the morning, although these are the Top 6 that really work for me. I’d love to hear some of your tricks that get you moving.

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