People buy energy drinks way more than they used to. This could be an answer to our ever-growing environment and requirements. We need to work more, we have a fast-paced life and we desire more things. We can’t be as productive as we would want since our bodies have limited power supplies so we turn to energy drinks for extra boosts during the day. We’re so used to them by now that we’re consuming them as regular drinks and overlooking health risks. What if we’d say there are several natural energy drinks alternatives you can easily acquire for a energy boost during the day or even better for feeling more energized daily?

Why are energy drinks bad for us?

Although they don’t contain heavily harmful substances, energy drinks have really bad side effects. You get a fast energy boost but it’s only temporary and you’ll end up feeling worse after. Energy drinks are packed with sugar and caffeine (some of them have up to 54 grams of sugar, more than 3 chocolate glazed cake donuts) so you get an energy boost but the crashes these two substances give you after will make you feel lousy and probably more tired than you were in the first place.

Having one or two energy drink randomly during the week isn’t going to pose a health risk but getting addicted to them will interfere with your health. If you’re one of those person who drink energy drinks on a daily basis, you should know that substances found in those drinks lead to anxiety, increased heart rate and blood pressure or even lack of sleep. The effects are long lasting since the substances remain in your body for hours after you’ve consumed the drinks.

There are many studies trying to find out how energy drinks affect our health. For example one of them showed that drinking energy drinks will change the way our heart beats by increasing heart contractions after consumption making them unhealthy for people with heart conditions.

Where to get extra energy without consuming sugary drinks

We don’t really need those sugary drinks for energy boosts if we take care of our health. There are some things you should take into consideration if you want to feel energized on a daily basis.

Sleep more. 

Yes, you can sleep less but that won’t make you feel more energized. You need a healthy 8 hours of sleep each night to be fully rested the next day. Before going to bed try to have a healthy routine and don’t watch TV or stay in front of the computer.

Eat energy-packed snacks.

There are several ways you can get some extra energy during the day by eating healthy. If you feel low on energy during the day make yourself a healthy snack consisting of trail mix, a banana and a spoon of peanut butter. Don’t forget about breakfast and eat some whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk.


When you’re tired sitting on the couch and watching TV may not be the best choice. Get up and go for a walk or do some house chores. There are several studies showing that exercising leads to more energy by increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your body. It also increases the oxygen levels in your body.

green tea energy boost

Natural Energy Drinks Alternatives For A Healthy Boost

Need some extra energy? Don’t run to the fridge for an energy drink but choose these healthy alternatives.


You feel without energy but there’s a chance you’re only dehydrated. Don’t forget that water enables almost metabolic reactions in your bodies so it has the potential to energize you. If you’re dehydrated, these reactions are slowed down and you’ll feel a decrease in energy. Staying hydrated during the day will allow you to have more energy. There isn’t an exact water amount you should have but you should pay attention to your body’s needs and drink as much as your body requires.

Green juice or smoothie

You can get all the energy you need with a little help from nature. Go ahead and prepare a green juice or smoothie for a healthy boost. Use spinach, parsley or kale for their high concentration of Vitamin B greatly need by our bodies to keep metabolism at an optimal rate. Combine the green juice with whole foods for a diet containing vitamins and nutrients.

Green tea

Yes, it contains caffeine but on a smaller scale than coffee and energy drinks. Green tea also provides other health benefits by decreasing heart disease and cancer risk. Some people say that green tea also improves mental clarity and performance so naturally it will also increase your productivity during the day.

Chocolate milk

Many body-builders use chocolate milk as a post-workout way to refuel. There are also studies showing that flavonoids found in cocoa (and dark chocolate) stimulate your brain and give you extra energy.

Beet Kvass

Lesser known than the above energy drinks alternatives, beet kvass provides you the energy you need. We know you won’t be to keen on drinking something made from fermenting rye and beets but note that carbohydrates found in rye give you a slow release of energy during the day. Beets are packed with iron and potassium which fight fatigue so if you want to feel energized all day long, give beet kvass a chance.