Fashionable & Innovative Multi Purpose Sports Belt

Keep Phone, Keys, Money & Much More to Keep Your Hands Free While Exercising, Running, Jogging, Walking, Hiking, Cycling, Traveling...

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Never Loose Your Valuables with Furious Sports Running Belt And Keep Your Hands Free While Doing Fun Activities!

Enjoy Your Outdoor & Indoor Sports Activities More Confidently Without Worrying About Losing Your Valuables!

Sports Belt Benefits

Our Furious Fitwear running belt is designed with bright colors to make a statement with your friends. Also it will keep you safe while running due to reflective color.

Wash it any time and reuse it!

Premium quality fabric and belts used for the ease of daily use.

Furious Running Belt is a unisex belt with reversible design and adjustable belt. So no matter what your waist size is it can accommodate sizes from 26-44 inch.

It’s normal for anyone to keep changing waist size over the time and you never have to worry about replacing your running belt!

Focus on exercises and no more worries about losing your valuables.

You can use the running belt for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities such as running, exercising, walking, jogging, biking, camping, shopping, and much more…

To share our ideas with you for how to use this innovative running belt creatively, we have included a Bonus Membership so that you can benefit more by using it creatively.

One running belt gear with so many benefits that you will love it.

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Why Us?

You can buy any of Furious Fitwear Products confidently as every product comes with a No-Questions Asked 60-Day warranty. We are confident that you will love our products so much that you will never think about refunds.

If you ever need any help, contact our Healthy Lifestyle Support Desk and we will be happy to work with you to ensure your full satisfaction.

All of our products do come with a bonus and information related to bonus is always provided inside the packaging.

Once you receive the product, please ensure you read the insert material carefully as it will provide you with the steps on how to claim your bonus.

We also provide easy to follow training posters for many of our products so that you can start using our products immediately.

At Furious Fitwear, your satisfaction comes First to us. If you ever need any help, please contact us at with details of your issue so that we can help you.

Our commitment is that we will work with you to ensure your full satisfaction.

We are passionate about your success and we will work with you until you are satisfied.

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You will Love Furious Running Belt!

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Customers Love Furious Running Belt

What Some Of Running Belt Customers Had To Say


Every time I went walking I had to carry my phone and car keys because I trail walk, and this is perfect. I can put my keys, my phone, and even a few dollars, just in case. This stretchy, lightweight microfiber is so comfortable and fits me perfectly; it is designed to fit a waist of a minimum size of 26" with maximum up to 44". I also love the fact that it is machine washable, so after a walk, I can toss it into the washer with my workout clothes. I LOVE MY RUNNING BELT, and must buy for anyone who love to work out.

Tammy F. Published on Amazon

This is a great little running belt. The buckle turned out to be a lot bigger than I thought it would be and I was worried that it would be uncomfortable, but it really isn't. I frequently get done running and when I go to get undressed for my shower realize that Ive forgotten I have the belt on. It's very lightweight and comfortable and it doesn't get hot or move around at all. I can run 5k comfortably with my phone and id in the pouch, and I really prefer having my phone on my waist rather than my arm. It is also nice and slim and discreet under my shirt. It seems very well made and I use it on every run and am very glad to have it!

Laura W. Published on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1) Is this product available outside the USA? +

As of now our products are exclusively sold within USA. If we ever decide to sell in other countries, we will share that update here.

Q2) Where can I buy your products? +

Our products are currently sold on, at our own online store at , at our Blog at and soon we are expanding to Social Media Channels like Facebook, Pinterest etc as many customers want to buy directly over there. Please stay tuned as we will be sharing more information about this soon.

Q3) How can I contact your customer support team? +

At any time you can contact us through the Healthy Lifestyle Support Desk and provide us with your specific details like the product you bought, your specific question etc and we will work until you are satisfied.

You can also call us at 1-844-774-6873 and leave your message with all the details.

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