Many people enjoy outside fitness, yoga classes or personal meditation in the park, on the beach or some other location away from home. However, one of the common problems is where to store keys, mobile phone, wallet and other personal items during these sessions. This is where Furious Fitwear is coming to the rescue!

Furious Fitwear’s New Sports Belt Is Here!

This high-end sports belt is fashionable, versatile and can be worn during any exercise routine to store your valuables.


This multi-purpose sport belt is a one-size-fits-all design (26″-44″). There are several color combinations to choose from including Blue & Orange, Green & Pink, and White & Black. As every belt is reversible, it can be switched over to reveal the other color as desired. This enables people to mix and match their belts with whichever active wear outfit they desire. These belts are also reflective and can be seen in the dark when lights are shined in their direction. This is an important safety feature if out running or jogging when the lighting is dim.

It’s versatile!

Instead of taking a small purse, reach for your furious belt instead as it is a fantastic alternative. It’s perfect to wear when you walk the dogs, run simple errands, trips to the grocery store and even when traveling and going though the airport. This belt is truly a life saver.

And low maintenance!

Being machine-washable you don’t have to fear if it gets dirty! So wear it when you mow the lawn or work in the garden this season. Grass and dirt stains are no match!

The Furious Fitness Sports Belt also doesn’t have any uncomfortable zippers that rub against the body and constantly get jammed. Instead, this belt features pouches that securely hold items in place such as your cell phone and other personal belongings without looking big or bulky, allowing you to be hands-free. Being so tight to the body, the belt does not bounce with each stride, it actually stays in place!


To learn more about the Fitness Sports Belt and other Furious Fitwear products, visit our website today!

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