Most don’t know it, but a door gym can be a handy addition to any home workout area for several different reasons. In this article, we let you know several of the different ways you can use a door gym for floor exercises.


1. Using A Door Gym For Sit-Ups

One of the great uses for a door gym is for sit-ups. By including this in your workout, you can support your feet in your door frame at home.

Simply put the wide bar to the door gym through the door frame you intend on using it with. Put your feet through the door gym, and your toes under the foam grips. proceed to do your sit-ups with your toes firmly held down to the ground.

You can always pull your workout mat under the door frame as well.


2. Using A Door Gym For Dips

One of my personal favorite floor exercises for the door gym is dips.

By placing the door gym square on the mat, you have a variety of different dips you can do, depending on which grips you choose to use.

Best bent bars seem to be the easiest, with the outside and inside grips being a little more advanced.

Choose which you like, or do a variety of different grips to ensure you are getting a well-rounded workout.


3. Using a Door Gym For Push-ups

Similarly to dips, you have a nice variety of different push-up options with the door gym on the floor.

For the pros, the wide push-ups can offer and nice hand hold that is easier on the wrists than simply doing your push-ups on the floor.

Actually, the inside grips may be the hardest.


Don’t forget Pull-ups!

Of course, the main reason we got the door gym was to do pull-ups.

Pull-ups are one of the best upper body workouts you can do, but it is difficult without the right equipment.

Let us know other ways you can use a door gym in the comments below.